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About Us + This Site!

We are Sherry, Joanne, and Matthew, and we're high school students from Canada. Our team name is Diamond E.

This topic is so important to us because we are Asian-Canadians who have experienced this dilemma to an extent, and so we want to share our experiences with others who have gone through this as well, as well as learn and relate with others too. Via this site, we are trying to raise awareness towards this topic, which deserves to be known more. 

That also leads to our group name. At first, it might seem weird  (and it kind of is), but the meaning behind it is because we want the information shared to be as raw and precise as possible, like diamonds (or at least to a good extent), which is why we made a testimonials page collecting first hand testimonials from people.

Our site sheds light on a topic that isn't talked about enough: the identity dilemma many Asian-Canadians feel.

We are also very grateful to the Live Well Take Action program, and the sponsors of this program, for giving us this opportunity to have meaningful discussions about meaningful topics, learn and understand about different ongoing issues in the world, and for letting us make this project to spread helpful information to others who may need it.

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