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What is Cultural Stereotype?

"An ethnic stereotype (national stereotype, or national character) is a system of beliefs about typical characteristics of members of a given ethnic group or nationality, their status, society, and cultural norms."

About This Issue - The COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic spread out, Asians are stereotyped as "competent but cold". In the new reports from America, since the COVID-19 outbreak, people of Asian descent have been spit on, yelled at, and attacked throughout the United States. Most Asian Americans are blamed for racist stereotypes. Because the COVID-19 virus originated in China, so many blame the Chinese for bringing the virus to the rest of the world. Because it is difficult for many non-Asian people to distinguish among different Asian subgroups, all Asians are treated as culprits. This shows how underlying stereotypes can make racialized attacks easier. The stereotypical image of Asians and Asian Americans as competent and lacking warmth, therefore, alongside the idea they are to blame for the virus, means they are the group most likely to be targeted for the ongoing pandemic. And not only during this special time, but racist stereotypes also happen every minute and bring harm to Asian people and Asian youths.

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Cultural Stereotype

Cultural stereotype causes psychological pressure and bondage for East Asian youths and eliminates their individualities as well.

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Our Mission



Promote this website to let people learn more about the stories of East Asian youths who are affected by cultural stereotype.

Let people become aware of their mentality, be themselves instead of being affected by societal opinions.

Help local people in Canada understand and respect East Asian more.

Understanding Our Perceptions of East Asian Stereotype

The cultural stereotype has always existed, especially for East Asians. Asian Americans and Asian Canadians, including other Asian people in western society, are facing this serious issue, when it comes to their identities.
However, this common social phenomenon can really cause a huge negative impact on the well-being of East Asian youths, causing them to be both physically and psychologically ill.
Therefore, we are creating this website to raise people's attention to this social issue, to pay more attention to the problems that East Asian youths are facing as well as their well-being.

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